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    Care Facilities

    Rating Nursing Homes February 2009

    Q: Is the government now rating nursing homes?

    Comparing Nursing Homes January 2003

    Q: Is there a new way to evaluate nursing homes?

    Home Health Compare April 2003

    Q: Can I research quality of care in home health agencies in Massachusetts?

    Home Care Worker Shortage November 2003

    Q: Are we running out of people to take care of our elderly?

    Nursing Homes Changing April 2004

    Q: Is the role of nursing homes changing?

    What is Assisted Living? July 2001

    Q: What is the difference between regular elderly housing and “assisted living”?

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    Paying for Family Care – January 2007

    Q: Can family members get paid as Caregivers?

    Care for the Dying: Mediocre February 2003

    Q: Does Massachusetts provide decent care for those who are dying?

    New Family Leave Plan June 2006

    Q: Is there a new family leave plan & tax benefit for people caring for elders?

    The Secret PCA Program

    Q: A friend of mine has PCA. What is that?

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    Everyday Living

    Beginning to Talk About the End

    Q: Any tips for discussion about end of life care?

    New Safe Driver Rules

    Q: Does our state have new rules for elderly drivers?

    Seniors Miss Out on Benefits

    Q: Are there seniors missing out on basic benefits?

    Tips For Older Job Seekers

    Q: Any tips for unemployed older workers trying to find work?

    Turn Your TV into DTV!

    Q: When do I have to turn my TV into Digital TV?

    Is A Big COLA Coming

    Q: Is my Social Security check going to go way up to cover my cost of food and fuel?

    Preparing For Digital TV February 2008

    Q: Will I be forced to buy a Digital TV soon?

    Heating Season Protections December 2007

    Q: Can elders get protection from utility shut-offs?

    Elderly Problem Gamblers November 2007

    Q: Are elderly gamblers a growing problem?

    Telephone Scams July 2007

    Q: How can I protect myself from telephone scams?

    Food Stamp Use Rises March 2007

    Q: Are elderly people eligible for Food Stamps?

    Cell Phone Quiz August 2004

    Census Figures Surprising May 2000

    Q: What do we learn about older people from the U.S. Census forms that we filled out?

    Couch Potato Nation? June 2003

    Q: How much exercise should a person get each week?

    Floss, Make Music, Go to Church September 1999

    Q: Is it true that bad teeth can hurt a senior’s overall health?

    Food Stamp Debit Cards September 2005

    Q: What are these new debit cards for food stamps?

    Older Consumers Rule! July 2004

    Q: Are teens or senior citizens more powerful in the marketplace?

    To Retire, Or Not To Retire …. August 2000

    Q: Are most people over the age of 60 retired?

    Veterans Identity Theft July 2006

    Q: As an older veteran, what should I do about the stolen VA records and potential identity theft?

    Stealing You: Identity Theft September 2002

    Q: What is “identity theft”?

    “The Best Years of My Life” December 2000

    Q: Is it true that most older people are unhappy with the quality of their golden years?

    Retirement Age: Going Up January 2000

    Q: Has the Social Security retirement age of 65 changed?

    Seniors Take to Internet May 2001

    Q: Is it true that most people using the internet are barely out of college?

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    Identify Theft August 2013

    Q: How can I lower my risk of Identity Theft?

    Top 10 Scams Against Seniors

    Q: What are the most common scams against seniors?

    The Payroll Tax Holiday

    Q: What does a ‘payroll tax holiday’ really mean?

    Finally, a COLA!

    Q: Are elders happy with a 3.6% cost of living increase?

    Reverse Mortgage Right?

    Q: Can I get unbiased help in deciding about a reverse mortgage?

    Withdrawing From My IRA

    Q: I am turning 71. Do I have to take some money out of my IRA?

    Sales Tax Increases

    Q: What are the details of increased sales tax in Massachusetts?

    Stimulus Check Scams

    Q: Are seniors being targeted by stimulus check scams?

    Recovery Rebate Credit

    Q: What is the Recovery Rebate Credit from the IRS?

    Reverse Mortgages

    Q: Does a Reverse Mortgage make sense for Seniors?

    Estimate Your Social Security

    Q: Can I figure out how much I will get when I retire on Social Security?

    Watch Out For IRS Scams May 2008

    Q: The IRS emailed me for personal info. Is this a scam?

    Don’t Borrow On Your Tax Refund April 2008

    Q: I’m waiting on a refund for my Federal Taxes. Can I borrow money on that refund?

    File For Your Tax Rebate March 2008

    Q: Do I have to file a Federal Tax Return to get my ‘economic stimulus rebate?

    Managing Your Debt August 2007

    Q: Are seniors in debt with their credit cards?

    Property Tax Credit Time February 2007

    Q: Is the “circuit breaker” property tax credit for the elderly still available?

    Used Eldercare Equipment April 2007

    Q: Where can I buy & sell used home care equipment?

    Financial Abuse of Elders August 2005

    Q: Is financial abuse of seniors a growing problem?

    Help Managing Your Bills January 2005

    Q: Can my Mom get help untangling her bills?

    Home Heating Deduction February 2006

    Q: Is there a new state tax break on home heating oil?

    “Private” Social Security? July 2000

    Q: When politicians talk about making Social Security “private,” what do they mean?

    Property Tax Breaks April 2005

    Q: Are elderly property tax breaks changing?

    Social Security Crisis? March 2005

    Q: Is Social Security going bankrupt?

    Women, Social Security, Y2K August 1999

    Q: Does the future of Social Security after Y2K affect women more than men?

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    Too Late For Seniors to Stop Smoking? August 2014

    Q:  When you are older, is it ever too late to quit smoking?

    Osteoarthritis & Pain Control July 2014

    Q:  Is Osteoarthritis a common problem for seniors?

    Questions for the Flu Season

    Q: Is it safe for seniors to get a flu shot?

    Tips for Managing your Medications

    Q: How can I keep track of the 6 medications I take?

    Q&A Here Comes “One Care”

    Q: What is the new “One Care” health plan?

    Dealing with Shingles

    Q: What causes shingles, and can it be prevented?

    Coffee and Prostate Health

    Q: Can drinking coffee help prevent prostate cancer?

    Diabetes Nation

    Q: Is diabetes a growing health concern in America?

    Seniors & Safer Drinking

    Q: Should older people be careful about their alcohol intake?

    Managing Your Medications

    Q: How can I keep all my medications straight?

    Health Reform, Medicare & You November 2009

    Q: Will Health Care Reform change the Medicare program?

    Treating Incontinence September 2007

    Q: Is urinary incontinence a treatable condition?

    Breast Cancer and Elders June 2007

    Q: Is Breast Cancer just a disease of younger women?

    Preventing Falls May 2007

    Q: Any tips for preventing falls among the elderly?

    Dental, Vision Restored August 2006

    Q: Has MassHealth Restored dental and vision services for older adults?

    Do You Have Porous Bones? March 2001

    Q: Osteoporosis is a big problem for women, but shouldn’t men be concerned too?

    New “Self-Neglect” Law September 2004

    Q: What is the state’s new “self abuse” law for elders?

    Obesity & Older People October 2003

    Q: Is obesity a problem among older Americans?

    Pre-Diabetes: The “New” Disease June 2002

    Q: What is pre-diabetes?

    Lowering Your Risk Factors March 2000

    Q: Is it true that most people will develop some kind of chronic health condition as they get older?

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    Check Up on Your Benefits

    Q: Is my mom getting all of the benefits she is eligible for?

    Medicare Open Enrollment Tips

    Q: Any tips for Medicare Drug Plan Open Enrollment?

    Staying At Home

    Q: Can Medicare & Medicaid help me stay at home?

    Medicare Changes for 2011

    Q: Is Medicare changing for the better in 2011?

    New “Twist” in Medicare Extra Help

    Q: Are there new rules for Medicare prescription drug assistance?

    Extra Help With Drug Costs

    Q: Can I get financial help with Medicare Drug Costs?

    Medicare and Smokers

    Q: Will Medicare pay for ‘quit-smoking’ counseling?

    Avoiding Medicare Fraud May 1999

    Q: How can elders protect themselves from Medicare fraud or abuse?

    Drugs from Canada? February 2004

    Q: Does the new Medicare drug law make importing drugs from Canada legal?

    May 15 Drug Deadline April 2006

    Q: Can I still join the Medicare Drug plan?

    Medicare D Online January 2006

    Q: Can I still sign up for the Medicare drug program?

    Medicare Drugs Soon May 2005

    Q: When are Medicare drugs starting?

    Medicare & Food Stamps February 2005

    Q: Can people on Medicare get food stamps too?

    Medicare Has No Teeth June 2005

    Q: Does Medicare cover dental expenses?

    Your Medicare Rights July 1999

    Q: If my Medicare HMO refuses to pay for a service I want, do I have the right to appeal their decision?

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    Nutrition Topics

    Good Fat. Bad Fat. September 2003

    Q: What are trans fats? Why put them on labels?

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    A Vaccine for Alzheimer’s? August 2001

    Q: How many people in Massachusetts are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease?

    Medication Education June 1999

    Q: My mother takes seven medications. How can I be sure that she is safe taking all these drugs?

    “The Prescription Advantage” February 2001

    Q: Is the state starting another elderly prescription program?

    Tips for Taking Meds December 2004

    Q: Is there a way to keep my medication straight?

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