About Tri-Valley, Inc.

Established in 1976, Tri-Valley, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency providing information, referrals, and care management for in home and community services in Central Massachusetts. Tri-Valley, Inc. is committed to the rights of elders and individuals with disabilities to live independently with dignity and safety in a setting of their choice. The policies of the Agency are determined and its activities monitored by an active volunteer Board of Directors. The Agency is administered by an Executive Director, Management Team and a salaried staff assisted by over 800 volunteers.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Tri-Valley, Inc. is to promote and maintain an optimal level of independence, dignity and well-being for older adults, individuals with disabilities and all others served by our programs, by providing information, advocacy to address individual needs and social inequities, and access to high quality, culturally sensitive services and resources, as well as caregiver support.

Vision Statement

Tri-Valley, Inc. will be known as a compassionate, inclusive, dedicated leader in quality care management by consumers, staff, vendors, outside community agencies, families and friends.  Tri-Valley, Inc. will ensure that all of our consumers enjoy the highest standard of living possible and that employees are respected and valued for their diversity and collaboration to achieve excellence.  All resources, including financial and technical, will be maximized to further our vision for every individual that falls within Tri-Valley’s purview.

Reflection Statement

Every new decade brings great promise and the continued hope that we as a people can live peacefully alongside one another. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it. During the past few weeks, there have been many protests advocating for change amidst police violence against people of color. Consequently, the past few weeks have been very difficult for our African American colleagues, members and caregivers as we witnessed the death of George Floyd, the shooting of Breonna Taylor, the lynching of Ahmuad Arbery and far too many others. At Tri-Valley, we mourn these senseless acts of violence and continued acts of systemic racism which are all too prevalent in our country.  The employees and programs at Tri-Valley serve a diverse population and inclusion of ALL people is at the core of our value system. We will continue our mission by serving our diverse population and further supporting the principles of equal rights and justice for everyone in our community. As the world continues to seek a “new normal,” Tri-Valley will continue to be a part of the solution. We sincerely hope that our society’s past failures will ultimately create a clear roadmap to a cohesive long-term solution and that we can finally say that we learned from our past mistakes.

Service Area

In-home and community services are provided in these South Central Massachusetts communities: Service Area.

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