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The Adult Family Care (AFC) Program provides supportive family living to elders and adults (16+) with disabilities who can no longer live alone. The program is designed for those who would like to live in a family setting in the community rather than an institution. Once medically qualified and carefully matched, the participant shares a home with an approved caregiver who provides assistance with or supervision of daily activities, including personal care, meal preparation and diet compliance, shopping and transportation for appointments. AFC nurses and Care Managers provide training and supervision on a regular basis for participants and caregivers. This program is funded by MassHealth. In May 2022, Tri-Valley’s AFC Program has again earned a three-year accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). Earning NCQA’s Accreditation of Case Management for LTSS demonstrates that an organization is dedicated to coordinating the delivery of care in a person-centered and integrated manner to help individuals function optimally in their preferred setting.

Participant Eligibility:

  • Must be MassHealth eligible (Standard, CommonHealth, SCO, One Care) or able to pay privately
  • Must have a medical diagnosis and need daily personal care
  • Must have physician approval for program
  • May be confused or forgetful but be able to communicate his/her needs
  • Must not be harmful to self or others
  • Must be free of drugs and alcohol for one year (if these are an issue)
  • Must be compliant with plan of care
  • May need medication reminding

Caregiver Eligibility:

Caregivers can be relatives, friends or non-related people with the exceptions of spouse, parent of a minor child or other legally responsible person such as a guardian. Caregiver applicants are carefully interviewed and screened including reference checks, criminal history and home assessments. Participants are matched to caregivers based on common interest, care requirements, location and physical accessibility of the home.

Caregiver’s Role:

Caregivers provide a safe, comfortable environment in all kinds of housing settings. They provide room and board, meals and assistance with daily personal care, including any tasks that have been deemed necessary to allow the individual to live in the host home safely. All tasks may not require “hands on” assistance. Some participants can perform certain tasks themselves with supervision and cueing. The participant joins in both family and community activities as health permits. The placement is monitored regularly by an AFC nurse and care manager to provide support and education to both the family and the participant.

Caregiver Benefits:

Caregivers are paid a tax-free daily stipend (up to $18,000 a year) for the personal care services they provide and receive two weeks of alternate care relief with pay.

To refer a participant or a caregiver:

Start by contacting Tri-Valley’s Information & Resource Department.

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