Consumer Directed Care

You’re In Charge

Consumer Directed Care allows an adult over the age of 60 to hire, train, schedule, direct and supervise their own workers to assist them with their homemaking tasks and personal care.

Participants in this program may hire their partners, friends, neighbors, or a family member to be their caregiver. They may not hire their surrogate or guardian.

Workers may:

Assist with bathing, dressing, walking, toileting, eating, taking medication or other like tasks.

Assist with meal preparation, light housework, grocery shopping, errands and other like tasks.


Must be 60 or over and have an income that falls within the State Home Care Program guidelines.

Participants must be able to be the Employer of Record to hire and supervise workers.

Participants may name someone as their surrogate to act as the Employer of Record on their behalf but that person may not also be the worker.

Eligibility requirements for workers:

Must be legally eligible for employment in Massachusetts.

Must have a CORI (Criminal background check).

Must be willing and able to provide the needed assistance.


Tri-Valley uses state funding to pay workers.

Co-payments for services to the participant are based on income.


Tri-Valley assists the participant with employer paperwork and its Fiscal Intermediary issues pay checks on the participant’s behalf.

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