Options Counseling


Options Counseling is a statewide initiative supporting people and their choices of where to live and receive services.  Options Counselors provide information and support to help people make informed decisions about their care and long term goals.  They also assist people in accessing appropriate community support and services that fit their current situation and preferences.


Options Counseling is free and available to

  • Individuals age 60 and older
  • People of any age who have a disability
  • Family members
  • Caregivers

Options Counselors

  • Explain long term care services
  • Connect you to resources, supports and services
  • Meet with you wherever you are – in the hospital, a rehab or nursing facility or your own home (also accessible by phone or email).

If you have long term care questions, concerns or worries, Options Counselors are ready with – “Good Information for Good Decisions”

To make a referral for Options Counseling:

Start by contacting Tri-Valley’s Information & Resource Department.

Options Counseling is an initiative of the Aging and Disability Resource Consortium (ADRC). 


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